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Bilingual (Spanish/English). Peruvian Producer, Director and Journalist with 20+ years of experience in documentary film and TV productions in Peru, as well as in other countries across Latin America and the Caribbean region.  Solid understanding of the production process, including pre-production, production, and post-production phases.  Stands out for working in the field, in rural, urban and peri urban areas, each with its unique challenges and complexities. Founder and director of BIBIANA MELZI PRODUCCIONES production company. A strong advocate of LGBTQ rights in Peru.


We are Bibiana Melzi Producciones an independent film production company based in Lima. We specialize in production and fixer services for foreign companies filming in Peru. Our company provides a full range of broadcast production services and support for all media projects, including documentaries, commercials, fashion photoshoots, television, corporate online content, and TV shows in all regions of Peru. For more than 2 decades, we have worked on some incredible projects, specializing in research, crew selection, casting, and location scouting across the country.  The company was founded by Bibiana Melzi, journalist and producer with 20+ years of experience in the international film business, who has in-depth knowledge of local regulations and capabilities, as well as an extensive network of local contacts.


In addition to our work in local production /fixer, at Bibiana Melzi Producciones we are proud to have produced videos for multilateral organizations, such as The World Bank, GIZ, UNICEF and other entities in countries spanning three continents, including Armenia, Belize, Barbados, Jamaica, Guyana, Mexico, Chile, Guatemala, Ecuador, among others.  We have executed the video production of diverse projects that highlight individual human stories affected by multidimensional aspects of poverty. These high-quality videos are used for strategic community and social engagement. We work with project teams to construct and share the best stories for their objectives.



Bibiana Melzi Producciones services cover pre-production and scheduling throughout the entire production and post-production phases (if needed). We provide a range of assistance from location scouting to securing crews and equipment. Our objective is to ensure that your production runs smoothly and is successful.

Our services are tailored to each individual client and their specific needs. The list of our services you see below  should give you a good idea of our capabilities.



  • Location Permissions: Every country has its own film commission, council, and film permit application criteria. This involves time dedicated to much complicated paperwork. We will handle this process, relieving the production company of the time and stress of administrative work.
  • Budgeting: We assist your production in preparing a detailed budget covering the costs and expenses of your shoot in Peru.
  • Location Scouting: We know about locations. Our knowledge, trajectory and familiarity with locations in Peru enables us to overcome language barriers, connect with local crews, and respect local customs and peoples.
  • Logistics: We organize transportation (land, sea, river, air), recommend or organize accommodations and catering for your crew and cast.
  • Securing Crews: After years of working in this industry, we have established strong working relationship with leading crews. This includes directors, DOPs, camera operators, sound mixers, drone pilots, runners, and many more. We can add individual crew members to your team, or we can put together a full crew that is just right for the job.
  • Casting/Talent Acquisition: We have an eye for talent, and we will help you identify and source the right talent for your production.
  • Equipment Rental: Whether you need a single piece of equipment or an entire kit, we can help! We have relationships with all leading equipment rental houses in Peru. This means that we can secure the most competitive rates, which we happily pass on to you.

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Because of its geographical, ecological, and cultural diversity Peru is a country with enormous potential as a location destination and has highly attractive spaces for international production. Peru has a particularly complex geography spanning the elevations of the Andes Mountain Range, to the Pacific Ocean currents and the tropical rainforest in the Amazon Basin. This geographic range provides the most imposing landscapes to attract all kinds of audiences and grants filmmakers with the highest diversity of scenarios.



  • Peru’s population is close to 34 million people (2023).
  • Peru’s official currency is the Sol. The US dollar, however, is a legally accepted currency and can be used in many Peruvian cities.
  • Peru is the twentieth largest country in the world and the third in South America.
  • Peru has 27 of the 32 existing climates of the world (Climate Classification of Thornwaite).
  • Peru is considered one of the twelve mega-diverse countries in the world, according to the Cancun Statement (2002).
  • Peru is also a land of rich culture and history. Our country’s wealth of sites matches those of Egypt, Mexico and the Mediterranean, with fascinating Pre-columbian societies, such as Caral (5000 years ago), Chavin (2800 years ago), Paracas (2,500 years), Moche, Nasca (2000 years), Chimu, Wari , Chachapoyas, and the Incas.
  • Peru is a fossil paradise of marine vertebrates from the entire Cenozoic era. Dating back to the beginning of that era, 66 million years to 10,000 years ago.
  • Peru’s official language is Spanish but is also home to more than 47 Indigenous languages, most notably Quechua and Aymara.



  • What permits are needed to film in Peru?
    There is no general permit or authorization to film in Peru or the different regions of the country. Processing permits can vary of¡n the location, private or public. To get an idea, these are the Entities or Institutions that are responsible for granting some of the most requested filming permits: Streets, avenues, public roads - District or Provincial Town Halls; Archaeological sites must be processed via the Ministry of Culture of Peru through the Decentralized Directorates of Culture ; Natural Protected Areas - Ministry of Environment SERNANP. These authorizations must be processed preferably one month before the shoot date. Authorization to shoot in these archaeological sites and protected areas have rates which are published at the beginning of the year.
  • Is a visa needed to film in Peru?
    There are 2 types of visas that producers can request. 1. Journalist visa which includes the temporary internment of kit. It has no cost. It must be processed in the Peruvian Consulate nearest to the city where the broadcasting station or production company is based. The Journalist visa also applies to foreign media outlet or a foreign doc film and TV productions. The new Temporary Artistic Production: is for international crews who carry out artistic or technical work in activities related to the cultural or artistic industry, including feature film production. This visa allows multiple entries to the country.
  • Is the ATA card valid in Peru?
    Yes it is. Starting April 30th 2024 , the carnet ATA has finally been implemented. Peruvian Customs ( SUNAT - National Superintendence of Customs and Tax Administration) is the entity responsible of supervising the temporary import of the filming gear as accompanied baggage or import. Nevertheless , if a Journalist Visa is requested by the crew members, a Temporary Internment of the kit is simultaneously processed by the Peruvian Consulate. In these cases, the ATA carnet is not needed to enter with the kit.


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